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This week’s nuclear news

Some bits of good news. Not much of it aboutBut I did find, in nuclear history, a story that can give some hope. From 2000 to 2012, 47 nations co-operated, in a clean-up, led by Kazakhstan, Russia and USA, of ”Plutonium Mountain” – showing that it is possible for countries to work together, to heal this wounded world.  Small island communities – pioneers for sustainability and climate action.  Renewable energy: The past decade has seen stunning change. Australia -the next 10 years will be breathtaking.  

Coronavirus. In the USA  case numbers are dropping. In other countries mounting numbers are breaking records

Climate change.  Fixing the Climate: Hopes and Hazards.


The coming Khaki election: will Labor join in the belligerence against China?  

Nuclear waste dumping.  Channel 10’s ”The Project” had the guts to show Australia the Kimba nuclear waste dump story.    ARPANSA cannot with a straight face, approve flood-prone Napandee farm as a safe location for a nuclear waste dump.  Flooding the planned nuclear waste dump area.

  Nuclear submarine plan does not mean jobs for Australians. In fact it’s already caused 1,100 job losses. Ranger uranium mine rehabilitation costs could blow out to $2.2 billion, Energy Resources tells ASX. Nuclear medicine incidents.

Greens set climate terms for backing Labor in the case of a hung parliament

The ABC is under the biggest attack 
in its history .

Federal Government continues spin and inaction on environment in 2022

Morrison’s ‘Australian Way’ climate plan is criminally irresponsible

 Information wars: are we getting a fair view of China’s treatment of Uyghurs?


UK court should slap down the US Justice Department in the Assange case.

Claims Over Broken Promises About NATO Simmer at the Heart of the Ukraine Crisis.

Can Space Tourism Co-exist with Space being turned into a War Zone?

The nuclear future and the dread factor. Time to start stopping the wars: No war in Ukraine, then no war anywhere. How giving AI bots control over nuclear weapons could spark World War III.

Electromagnetic radiation, said by telecom companies to be harmless, could be hurting wildlife..,

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