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Well, here we are again. Nothing changes – or does it?

Australian troops dutifuly went off to kill and be killed in Vietnam

Australian troops dutifully went off to kill and be killed in Iraq

Australian troops dutifully went of to kill and be killed in Afghanistan.

But now – it’s a new game. Now only the Poles, French, German, British etc troops go to Ukraine to fight Russia. All that Australia has to do, is to buy heaps of weaponry fromUSA companies and say bwedy America. Great that yer ready to have a war with Russia, and sell lots of weaponry to Ukraine and everybody else you can ‘

Antony Blinken deigned to actually visit this colony, and tell us in suave, silken, and smarmy words that Australia is privileged to be on the side of USA and the puppet organisation NATO, in this next adventure, so much safer – all about lucrative (for USA) weapons sales rather than troops.

Peter Dutton is ecstatic about a the idea of war. Ukraine now, China next.

Trouble is – things could so easily go nuclear, – whether by intention, or by accident, nuclear weapons might just go off. And even if they don’t – ther are Ukraine’s 15 old nuclear reactors – such a dangerous target , again whether intionally or by accident. It’s a different world from the days of Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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