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Clean South Australia – No Waste

However, per capita, our waste levels remain amongst the highest in the world. We need to step up our ambition.

Concerningly, we also face a Federal Government plan to impose a nuclear waste dump on our state, despite the fierce opposition of the Barngarla Traditional Owners.

We are asking the parties to commit to:
Actively opposing the Federal Government’s attempt to impose a temporary intermediate level nuclear waste facility in SA.
Publicly advocating for intermediate level waste (which needs to be kept safe from humans for 10,000 years) to continue to be stored in situ at Lucas Heights until a comprehensive, permanent (deep geological) solution is in place for the disposal of Australia’s long lived radioactive waste.
Expanding the successful and popular Container Deposit Legislation scheme to all glass (including wine and spirit) bottles, and plastic milk bottles.
Diverting 90% of municipal solid waste (MSW) from landfill by 2023, including state-wide comprehensive organics and food waste recycling.
Pushing nationally for an urgent phase-out of plastic waste in packaging through extended producer responsibility and a ban on the sale of products containing micro-plastics/micro-beads. 

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