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Robot ventures inside radioactive ruins of Fukushima power plant

Robot ventures inside radioactive ruins of Fukushima power plant, 9 News, 

By Raffaella Ciccarelli • Producer 14 Feb 22, Melted nuclear fuel has been filmed in the bowels of Unit 1 of Japan’s Fukushima Power Plant as a remote controlled submarine navigated the radioactive ruins of the plant.

The remote-controlled device took to waters surrounding the plant on February 9 as part of ongoing clean-up efforts by plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings (TEPCO).

It comes more than a decade after the plant’s catastrophic meltdown in 2011……………………

In 2016 Japan Times reported the area inside the reactors were contaminated by 530 sieverts of radiation per hour.

Exposure to 10 sieverts is fatal to a human, with death occurring within weeks.

Clean-up efforts are ongoing and TEPCO has a decommissioning target of 2051.

It’s been estimated it will take 30 more years and $106 billion to remove intact nuclear fuel at the bottom of the plants.

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