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Climate change worse than we thought – IPCC report

A new UN report on the impacts of climate change is set to be the gravest
assessment yet of how rising temperatures are affecting every living thing.

The study, from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC),
summarises several years of research. The report will likely say that the
world is fast approaching the limits of adapting to climate change. This
assessment, to be published later, will be the second of three major
reports from the IPCC and its first since November’s COP26 summit. The IPCC
carries out these large-scale reviews of the latest research on warming
every six or seven years on behalf of governments. This set of three is
their sixth assessment report. Researchers are formed into three working
groups that look at the basic science, the scale of the impacts and the
options for tackling the problem.

 BBC 28th Feb 2022

 Scotsman 27th Feb 2022

The impacts of the climate crisis are proving much worse than predicted,
and governments must act more urgently to adapt to them or face global
disaster, the UK president of the UN climate talks has warned on the eve of
a landmark new scientific assessment of the climate.

Alok Sharma, who led
the Cop26 climate summit last year, said: “The changes in the climate we
are seeing today are affecting us much sooner and are greater than we
originally thought. The impacts on our daily lives will be increasingly
severe and stark. We will be doing ourselves and our populations a huge
disservice if we fail to prepare now, based on the very clear science
before us.” In a report to be published on Monday, the Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is expected to show that droughts, floods
and heatwaves will increase in frequency and intensity, with devastating
consequences, and all parts of the globe will be affected.

 Guardian 28th Feb 2022

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