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Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threat crosses new threshold, expert says

ABC, By Michael Vincent 8 Feb 22 ”……………. It is important to note the video of the ICBMs on the highway did say they were heading to a military parade, but Mr Putin’s three nuclear warnings in as many weeks have sent chills down the spines of military analysts.

Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threat crosses new threshold,as not crossed during the Cold War,” said Michael Kimmage, a former adviser on Ukraine and Russia for the US State Department during the Obama administration.

“The Cold-War messaging from the Soviet Union, from the United States, about nuclear weapons was far more disciplined than what Putin has been doing in the last couple of weeks………………………

The Soviet Union and the US only avoided nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis by communicating.”

A new domino effect is playing out and it does not bode well.

Professor Kimmage spelled it out like this: “Putin’s repeated messaging about using nuclear weapons comes at a time when there’s almost complete mistrust among Western leaders and the Russian leader,” he said.

“That combined with fewer and fewer channels of communication, and escalating sanctions and military commitment from the West to Ukraine, [adds the pressure on Russia] while the Russian attack falters.

“It doesn’t mean Putin will use nuclear weapons of course — I doubt he’s suicidal — but at the moment this is a crisis with no exit.”

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