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How many more lives does Europe want to sacrifice to extend NATO’s borders?

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How many more lives does Europe want to sacrifice to extend NATO’s borders?

04.03.22 – Gerardo Femina

This post is also available in: SpanishFrenchItalianCatalan   It is urgent to stop the war and put an end to the pain of the Ukrainian people. Russia must immediately withdraw its troops and stop the aggression against Ukraine.

But how many more lives is Europe willing to sacrifice to extend NATO’s borders? The armed conflict could stop immediately and put an end to enormous suffering if Russia’s demands were seriously considered: a militarily neutral Ukraine, like Austria and Finland.

A reasonable proposal, a state buffer policy that has already been adopted in the past. Instead, Europe is choosing the path of arms and violence.

Sending arms to Ukraine means pursuing a goal that is contrary to peace. It is to put geopolitical goals above human life and risk dragging us all into a nightmare with no way out.

Sending arms is not the way to stop the war. On the contrary, all efforts must be directed towards dialogue.

Europe for Peace

Europe for Peace

Read the declaration    
Gerardo Femina

Former president of the Community for Human Development in Italy, engaged in social, political and cultural activity. For 20 years he has lived in Prague, where he was among the promoters of the campaign “Europe for Peace” and the protest against the so-called Missile Shield, that the United States wanted to install in the Czech Republic. He writes about politics and social matters. In recent years he has dedicated himself to the construction of the Park of Study and Reflection in the Czech Republic.


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