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Nuclear politics – fear and militarism – theme for March 2022

War in Ukraine

Joy to the weapons -makers of Western and Russian corporations.

Joy to the macho men of the Pentagon and the Russian Armed Forces

Joy to the political leaders who want their communities to forget about health, climate, and what is being done with their tax money

Joy to the nuclear industry, commercial-and military (they’re the same thing!)

The world waits to see what will be the outcome of hostilities in Uk.raine. No, Putin should not have attacked Ukraine. But also – No – the West, led of course by the world’s policeman, USA, did nothing to meet the very real concerns of Russia – understandable fears of being almost encricled by hostile NATO military installations – Ukraine being the most imprtant state on their doorstep.

Also the 8 years of war in Donestk and Luhansk – the genuine concerns of ethnically Russian people, and the presence of a Nazi -membered battalian attacking them – these factors were ignored by Biden and his Western disciples.

No answer to Putin’s list of requests, no concessions made, no compromises.

The result – terrible for Ukraine, pretty terrible for Russia and the rest of the world.

March 5, 2022 - Posted by | Christina themes

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