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Australian nuclear news, and more. Sorry no cricket story.

A bit of nearly good news. On International Women’s Day we can reflect that, in some parts of the world, justice and equality for women continue to improve. Also, the role of women in addressing climate change is becoming apparent – WOMEN LEADING THE FIGHT AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE.  In the nuclear-free movement, too, women continue to show their leadership – going on from Dr Rosalie Bertell, Alice Stewart, to Setsuko Thurlow , (pictured above),  Dr Helen Caldicott , Beatrice FihnLinda Pentz Gunter  and so many more. Their work has slowed, if not yet stopped, the development of the nuclear horror.


 Scott got a war but not the one he was pushing for.    Australian Security Policy Institute – funded by weapons corporations, and federal govt – drumming up the frenzy for war with ChinaAustralia’s Defence Department silent about its slippery dealings using tax-payers’ money, involving Russian contractors .    While Scott Morrison froths against Putin, Australia rushes to become a top weapons seller to the world.    Brisbane, Newcastle and Port Kembla shortlisted for nuclear submarine base on Australia’s east coast. 

 Peter Dutton enthuses – weapons to Taiwan, nuclear submarines ASAP. Friendlyjordies allegations against MP Peter Dutton met with silence.  Peter Dutton’s war machine cult.

  Perth could be the first city in the world to be nuclear bombed, in the (unlikely)event of Putin deciding on a show of nuclear strength.   A nuclear bomb on Sydney, or Melbourne would mean umimaginable carnage.  

The Kimba nuclear waste dump was NEVER about the supply of nuclear medicine.

Uranium miner BHP under criticism for guzzling precious artesian water, and for not keeping its word to Aboriginal native title holders. Australian companies’ uranium shares plummet.

‘Dishonest’: Morrison government wanted IPCC to say Great Barrier Reef ‘not yet in crisis’

CLIMATE. Why the listless reaction from governments, the hush on climate change?   IPCC throws down the gauntlet on Australian institutional deficiencies.   The facts we need to face if Australia’s coastal towns are to survive devastation.  Scientists warn seawalls can make rising waters worse in the long run   The vast majority of us are uninsured’: Australia’s insurance crisis set to worsen.   Residents facing eighteenth once-in-a-hundred year event since last January – satire .    “A misinformation ecosystem:” Scott Morrison’s climate ads given Public Disservice Award — RenewEconomy

  Freedom & Democracy Via Censorship. Australian government and media join in.


Ralph Nader: Everyone Loses in the Conflict Over Ukraine 

Now Is the Time for a Global Movement Demanding Nuclear De-escalation. Freedom & Democracy Via Censorship. NATO Intervention In Ukraine Could Spark Nuclear War. Here’s How It Could Happen. The US and NATO’s Sacrifice Of Ukraine.

As Russia’s Ukraine war intensifies, some warn nuclear escalation is possible. Russia’s nuclear alert means Nato must tread carefullyCountries Flood Ukraine With Military Support After Zelensky’s Appeal.

Noam Chomsky
: US Military Escalation Against Russia Would Have No Victors.  How the U.S. Started a Cold War with Russia and Left Ukraine to Fight ItCalling Russia’s Attack ‘Unprovoked’ Lets USA Off the Hook. Mapping the unthinkable: inside the new nuclear war gamesA fatal disconnect? the different narratives of Russia and the West on the Ukraine crisis. Ukraine war – a great opportunity – each new NATO country was a new customer for the weapons industry.

Kevin Rudd on the ‘decisive decade’ between USA and China.

The US and NATO have never been sanctioned for starting wars. Why? — RT World News.

UKRAINE. The situation at Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station. ‘Grave concern’ as Ukraine Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant under Russian orders. The Risks of Russian Attacks near Ukraine Nuclear Power PlantsFire Is Out at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant Seized by Russian Forces, Officials Watch for Leaks. Ukraine: Fire breaks out at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. The very perilous situation of Ukraine’s nuclear power stations. Greenpeace analysis of nuclear power plant vulnerability during military conflict – Key Findings .   New analysis on severe nuclear hazards at Zaporizhzhia plant in Ukraine– only solution is immediate end to war.    Russian military claims Chernobyl nuclear plant under joint protection with Ukrainian forces.   Setting the record straight on the background to events in Ukraine.     Western govt, media, and public, ignorant about the complex history of Ukraine.

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