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Small nuclear reactors for Australia- a sneaky way to lead to making Australia the world’s nuclear waste dump?

Dan Monceaux  , Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch, 7 Apr 22

 It strikes me that the most recent push for SMRs in the West is being driven by militarism, not climate change nor commerce as some may allude to. The Western nuclear estate is flagging, while Russia’s and China’s are maintaining or growing. SMRs present an opportunity to continue producing Pu as a fission byproduct.

The military has expressed interest in using SMRs to power mobile units/bases. This comes as civilian nuclear power declines or phases out in many Western nations.

But to recover the Pu (and U) from the spent fuel from from these SMRs they will need to reprocess it somewhere. Is Sellafield still reprocessing at all? Are there eyes on Australia for providing this service in the future? Does the West hope that SMRs can be deployed in Australia (the mining angle), along with nuclear subs, and the importation of spent nuclear fuel from other countries so that eventually, Australia will become a full-blown nuclear industrial service centre for the Western nuclear estate/war machine?

This was a vision the American Ford administration had for Australia in the 1970s. I referenced this in a submission I made to government following the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission in South Australia. The supporting evidence is available in Wikileaks’ archive of historic documents from that period.


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