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Today: Hypersonic missiles for Australia. We sure will be in danger now – another nuclear target, like Pine Gap.

Australia’s ruling party Liberal-National Coalition, and Australia’s pale copy of it, the Labor Party in opposotion – all seem happy to keep Australia’s fine tradition of Deputy Sheriff to the militaristic American empire.

Well, we already do form some sort of a sacrifice zone for the USA in time of war. I’m pretty sure that the last Australian government that had the guts to resist this was quickly removed – surely under the indfluence of the USA – Gough Whiltlam’s effort to prevent Pine Gap military spy centre.

Now Australia has cemented itself as a USA patsy – with AUKUS, nuclear submarines, and now the plan for hypersonic missiles based here. No earthly use for Australia’s own defence, but a helpful target place to put USA’s military paraphernaia, – for which we will pay – to add to the $171 billion that the nuclear submarines will cost us.


April 7, 2022 - Posted by | Christina reviews

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