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Today: Australia’s Defence Establishment joy – small nuclear reactors, (dud for energy, climate action) but great for war!

It’s not often that for Australia, the essential connection between ”peaceful” nuclear energy and nuclear weapons is  set out so blatantly, as Defence Connect just did..  For many decades, we have been beguiled by the nuclear industry’s propaganda with the myth of the ”peaceful atom”. 

And more lately. Australians have been sold, by ANSTO’s marketing men, the story of how ANSTO’s goal is the medical benefit to all Australians,  from its nuclear reactor. What a load of poppycock that was!  

We must be grateful to Defence Connect, for setting it out so clearly.  Now that nuclear energy  has turned out to be unaffordable and irrelevant to climate change, and now that cyclotrons have proved better that nuclear reactors, for producing medical radioisotopes.  The truth is clearly out –    the only use for the nuclear industry is warfare!


April 14, 2022 - Posted by | Christina reviews

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