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An increased 2 degree Celsius world will not be liveable for vast swathes of humanity – but that’s the latest semi-optimistic research result

Christiana Figueres: Should we feel joy or despair that we’re on track
to keep global heating to 2C? The atmosphere does not react to pledges for
the future or reports about past achievements. It only reacts to real
emission reductions.

The research published in Nature last week showing
that the pledges by countries to reduce emissions made since the Paris
agreement could keep warming within 2C, if met on time, has therefore
understandably sparked a series of conflicting reactions.

Outrage that even
if the promises are met, they don’t come close to 1.5C; and optimism that
2C is such a huge improvement on where we’d be headed without the Paris
agreement. On the one hand, we have to acknowledge this looks very much
like failure. A 2C world will not be liveable for vast swathes of humanity,
and half of the world’s children are already at extremely high risk from
the impacts now, including hunger-inducing floods and droughts. 

Guardian 19th April 2022

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