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Are we in West being manipulated on a grand scale with deceptive propaganda about the war in Ukraine?

Today I’m posting two videos from Regis Tremblay. I’m sure that Western viewers will hate these, and call the ”Russian propaganda”. And I wish that I could believe that, too,

But I do have an awful fear. Swamped as I am by the tsunami of TV, radio, news, barrage of hyper-emotional depiction of the Ukrainian war, – I cannot help my fearful thought that Regis Tremblay’s speakers are telling the truth.

It’s a painful thought – but I think that the anglophone world, and NATO – the European countries are pulling a giant confidence trick on us all, as we all are led into this frenzy of endless weapons-buying to further the destruction of Ukraine. We are standing by, cheering, as Zelensky and the Ukrainian people are used as pawns, sacrificed, in the cause of the USA discrediting and disrupting Russia


April 22, 2022 - Posted by | Christina reviews

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