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Today. About Julian Assange: Australian government, snivelling cringing sycophantic to USA. And the Labor Opposition is just as bad

Will Australia ever get any integrity in it’s leaders?

In the clearest denialof justice in British history, the UK kow-tows to American militarism in its court now agreeing to send Juian Assange to be ”disappeared” in the USA’s penal system. And, worse than the UK, Australia’s leaders stand by, and pretty much applaud this evil event.

Liberal Morrison mouthpiece Simon Birmingham – ” we have confidence in the process”

And Labor’s Penny Wong carefully keeping her nose clean as she sucks up to the UK-USA ”legal” fakery – ”We also expect the government to keep seeking assurances from both the UK and US that he’s treated fairly and humanely.” What does she mean? – ” ïf they don’t treat Assange fairly, well, that’s not our problem

I actually think that the Liberals are better – they don’t even pretend to care!

Paradoxically – we all love to hate Barnaby Joyce, but he stuck up for Julian Assange – and good on him!

And the Greens – a voice of intelligence and reason, in Australian political mental desert – the Greens spelled out the reasons for their opposition to this terrible injustice to Assange and to journalism.


April 22, 2022 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, Christina reviews, politics

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