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Renewables to be “the new baseload” by 2030, says McKinsey.

Solar and wind power are on track to become the new baseload electricity
supply for global energy markets as early as 2030, and to relegate thermal
generation from coal and gas to the role of back-up, a major new report has

In its 2022 Global Energy Perspective, leading global consultancy
McKinsey & Company says renewable energy is on track to account for 50% of
the world’s power mix by 2030, and around 85% by 2050, thanks to the
increasing cost competitiveness of new solar and wind capacity.

McKinseysays that even despite the conflict in Ukraine – and bizarre declarations
from certain Australian politicians that net-zero is “dead” – the
long-term transition to low-carbon energy systems continues to see strong
momentum, and even acceleration.

The report projects a rapid shift in the
global energy mix, with the share of renewables in global power generation
expected to double in the next 15 years while total fossil fuel demand is
projected to peak before 2030, depending on the scenario.

 Renew Economy 27th April 2022


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