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TODAY. Media angst about Ukraine, Australia’s election campaigning – but are we forgetting global heating?

Australia sure is an island, and not just geographically speaking. Australia is now playing its role, joining USA in the weapons-to-Ukraine frenzy. But that’s about the extent of our interest in matters overseas.

We hardly noticed the plight of Pacific islands as sea levels rise, though we’re quick to worry about China’s military influence in the region.

It seems to take a young student of Indian ethnic background to mention climate change. Are Australians noticing what is happening in India and Pakistan? Global heating has become all too important there – as extreme heat continues, with drastic effects on health, food production, fires, electricity supplies. For many Indians, life is near to becoming unliveable.

Australia enjoys a sort of false immunity to climate change. Our leaders of both big political parties haven’t really woken up to this, despite bushfires and floods. Are they even aware of what is happening in India?


April 29, 2022 - Posted by | Christina reviews

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