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Australia is No1 on Transparency’s list of countries with developing public sector corruption

9 COUNTRIES TO WATCH ON THE 2021 CORRUPTION PERCEPTIONS INDEX , Transparency International  1 May 22

Troubling signs and key opportunities that can make – or break – the fight against corruption

What is a ‘country to watch’ on the CPI?

In this annual watch-list published alongside the CPI, Transparency International flags countries that need closer monitoring and attention in the coming year………


Australia (CPI score: 73) is one of the world’s most significant decliners, having dropped 12 points since 2012 to hit a record low this year. Its deteriorating score indicates systemic failings in tackling public sector corruption. Despite public calls and previous promises, last year Australia missed a landmark opportunity to establish a national anti-corruption agency with broad powers to investigate corruption…………………………………


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