Australian news, and some related international items

The week in nuclear news

Some  bits of good news. New plan to accelerate clean energy access for millions globallyBrush-tailed bettongs doing well after reintroduction to SA mainland.

A busy week –    here are the headlines

BUT- let’s not forget the appalling toll that climate change heat is bringing to Pakistan and India


The Greens oppose nuclear waste dump on Kimba, South Australia.

Dissecting Vice Admiral Jonathon Mead’s Nuclear submarine zealotry.

This black smoke rolling through the mulga’: almost 70 years on, it’s time to remember the atomic tests at Emu Field .    Sydney University fined for carelessness with a radioactive device.

An Australian fusion company awarded money under a Defence program (Why?).

The ‘climate election’ we need to have. Major parties have Australia on track to blow past Paris targets.

Australia’s biggest climate polluter AGL,and Accel set to breach Paris-aligned climate targets.  “Coal fired power stations will close, regardless of who’s in office:” Bowen     How much are you willing to pay to help reduce carbon emissions? Vote Compass has the answer.    Great Barrier Reef not coping with ‘escalating’ climate change after first La Niña bleaching event, unpublished report warns

Secret Australia Revealed by the WikiLeaks Exposés.

Far from having a leftwing bias, the ABC has been tamed by cuts and incessant attacks.

Junior energy minister Tim Wilson may lose his Liberal blue ribbon seat — RenewEconomy

Canberra’s urban trees receive global recognition


Reducing Tensions, Building Trust
, De-escala
ting.                Is Russia increasingly likely to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine?      Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand may attend NATO summitExpansion into Asia-Pacific: NATO military bloc is poison, not antidote.       Ukraine reveals split in ASEAN .       Nuclear War Threat Drives Greater Divide Between U.S., China.

Propaganda During Times of War.

Russian Uranium NOT Sanctioned – Why?

Climate change could introduce humans to thousands of new viruses

Pope Francis reiterates complete opposition to the possession and use of nuclear weapons. Pope says NATO may have led to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

A new propaganda film to jolly up the pro nuclear enthusiasts. Nuclear power is a HUGE water guzzler – so why are we guzzling the lie that nuclear is good for climate?

Diseconomics and other factors mean that small nuclear reactors are duds ( part of larger article)

They suck your electricity while you sleep. What you need to know about vampire appliances

Climate sceptic thinktank received funding from fossil fuel interests

FRANCE. The poisoned environmental legacy of France’s ”Nuclear Park”.

UKWhat is REALLY driving Britain’s seemingly illogical push for small nuclear reactors and nuclear megaprojects? 



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