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Nuclear news this week – Australia and beyond

A bit of good news.  Australia – the leper of world climate politics, – is a leper no more. Beyond all expectations, we turfed out the corrupt and anti-environment Morrison Liberal Coalition government. The driving forces in this election were the Greens, and the very climate conscious ”teal” independents.  It seems that intelligent Liberals who care about the environment defected to the ”teals”, while intelligent Labor people who care strongly about the environment defected to the Greens. Either way –   Australia at long last will have a government that might work for the cause of a clean planet, and for addressing global heating, and climate justice.

Pandemic–  WHO chief: The COVID pandemic is ‘most certainly not over

Climate – New IPCC Report: Addressing Climate Change Is Now About Damage Control 


Will Anthony Albanese and Labor have the guts to free Julian Assange?

Nuclear More scathing comments from readers, about Scott Morrison’s foolish nuclear submarine deal. Clive Palmer and his United Australia Party guarantee a nuclear reactor for South Australia if they hold the balance of power..

 Climate.      Albanese, Wong to take South-East Asia and climate policies to Quad meeting.    Labor’s election win – Green investors tip renewable revival          Climate voters herald an irrevocable change to politics 

Australians have voted for bolder climate action and integrity in politicsThe teals and Greens will turn up the heat on Labor’s climate policy. Here’s what to expect.        Australia’s rightwing government weaponised climate change – now it has faced its reckoning.         Painful defeat of Australia’s right-wing Morrison government, as new Labor government vows action on climate change. National Party to dictate Liberal Coalition policy on climate – Nats set to dictate Coalition policies 

Albanese pledges to get Australia out of climate ‘naughty corner’. A new climate politics: The 47th parliament must be a contest of ideas for a hotter, low-carbon Australia, In a year of endless floods, why isn’t disaster governance front and centre in the election campaign?

 Bushfires, reef bleaching, animal extinctions — Australia’s environment is under threat. But are our politicians paying attention?It’s election time! For one party the environment is not a priority. For the other, it’s not something to talk about. — Sustainability Bites

Former Kiribati president slams Australia’s ‘politicisation’ of climate action and power of fossil fuel lobby


Extraditing Julian Assange would be a gift to secretive, oppressive regimes.

War in Ukraine is getting complicated, and America isn’t ready 

Ukraine War Has No End in Sight.    Ukraine Contact Group: war used to expand global NATO.

NATO doubles members since 1999, completes sweep of Nordic nations IT IS FOOLISH FOR FINLAND AND SWEDEN TO JOIN NATO.      Up to 100 U.S. nuclear weapons surround Russia’s border.       Disinformation’ Label Serves to Marginalize Crucial Ukraine Facts.

Switzerland: NATO swallowing Europe’s few remaining former neutrals .

Nuclear Bomb Blast Map Shows What Would Happen if One Detonated Near You.

New book – does nuclear power have a future?. Tritium isn’t harmless.

The Arctic Council (AC) and NATO aims conflict with no climate change mitigation.

 COP26: No countries have delivered on promise to improve climate plans. 1.2 billion people threatened by escalating heat due to climate change. Climate change: The global climate crisis is also a health crisis

UKRAINE. Chernobyl nuclear fears as forest near Exclusion Zone in FLAMES – emergency triggered      Ukraine controlled by US and UK – Russia. Injured troops to be evacuated from Azovstal – Moscow. Nuclear lobby happily predicts a bright and beautiful future for new nuclear reactors in Ukraine.

EUROPE. Borrell: EU defense chiefs to approve another half billion Euros to arm Ukraine — Anti-bellumRussia’s grip on Europe’s nuclear power industry – this is being ignored. EU lawmakers move to block green investment label for gas and nuclear.

Unusually high temperatures to hit western Europe this week.Nuclear Fusion Is Already Facing a Fuel Crisis.

EU hits fast forward on renewables, including “massive deployment” of solar .

GERMANY. Germany to reject EU green investment label for nuclear power. Germany will vote against EU plans to label nuclear power as a green investment,.

FRANCE. France’s Nuclear Safety authority struggles with the problems related to corrosion in 12 reactors.     France’s nuclear corrosion problem will need a ”large scale” plan, and ”several years” to fix. 3 unplanned shutdowns of French nuclear reactors due to corrosion concerns, in the Framatome-designed piping.       EDF shares fall after new profit warning due to nuclear outages.    Nuclear: seven questions about the industrial disaster that threatens EDF.    France’s woes with nuclear power plants mean more energy uncertainty for Europe.

SWEDEN. Sweden’s Green Party demands nuclear weapons ban.

INDIAExtreme heat hitting India.

PAKISTAN. Climate change makes record-breaking heatwaves in northwest India and Pakistan 100 times more likely.

RUSSIA. Five reasons that Russia’s nuclear exports will continue, despite sanctions and the Ukraine invasion. But for how long?


CANADAOpposition mounts against 25-year licence extension request from New Brunswick nuclear plant with no long-term waste disposal plan.

JAPAN. Magnitude 6.0 quake shakes Japan’s east and northeast. Japan OKs plan to release Fukushima nuclear plant wastewaterNuclear expert reaffirms harm of dumping nuclear-contaminated water into ocean, calls on Japan to stop pressuring opposition voices.  Japan’s nuclear water disposal plan irresponsible.

SOUTH KOREA. New South Korean President plans to reverse the nuclear phaseout policy.       S. Korea denies report of alleged approval of Japan’s Fukushima water release plan.     Korea to keep close tabs on Japan’s Fukushima water discharge plan.


Peter Becker, sacked from South Africa’s National Nuclear Regulator Board, won’t go down without a fight.  From Russia with very expensive love – Karyn Maughan on South Africa’s bombed nuclear deal .

NEW ZEALAND“We must wean ourselves off fossil fuels:” New Zealand launches “landmark” climate plan .

TURKEY. Turkish nuclear plant threatened by Russian sanctions.

MYANMAR. Invading Russia U.S., allies may be planning Ukraine proxy war model for Myanmar — Anti-bellum 

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