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 Cancer patients forced to testify anonymously in Fukushima nuclear disaster case

 Cancer patients forced to testify anonymously in Fukushima nuclear
disaster case. The plaintiffs are facing a backlash as they argue that the
2011 disaster is the cause of their ill health. A court in Japan this week
began hearings against the operator of a Fukushima power plant over cases
of thyroid cancer in children allegedly linked to the 2011 nuclear

Six people are seeking Y616 million (£3.8 million) in damages
from Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO), claiming they were exposed to
radiation after a massive tsunami destroyed the plant’s cooling systems and
caused three of the six reactors to suffer meltdowns.

The people – all aged between 6 and 16 at the time – have been living with the effects of that
day ever since. Four had their thyroid removed entirely and will need to
take hormone medication for the rest of their lives. The other two had
portions of their thyroids removed. One of the plaintiffs said the cancer
has spread to their lungs.

 Telegraph 29th May 2022

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