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The National Party is getting whackier and whackier in pushing for nuclear power

  • Bizarre Simpsons link to controversial issue in Australian politics, COURTNEY GOULD, NCA NEWSWIRE JUNE 6, 2022, Nationals leader David Littleproud has blamed misinformation fuelled by The Simpsons and Chernobyl as the reason behind Australia’s reluctance to adopt nuclear energy.

The opposition is squaring up for a fight with the government on nuclear power as it seeks to switch up its energy policy. “There needs now to be a conversation about nuclear,” Mr Littleproud said on Sky News………….

While nuclear power is not included in the new Coalition agreement, Mr Littleproud said there was a clear understanding between himself and new Liberal leader Peter Dutton on the issue.

On Sunday, Mr Dutton appointed pro-nuclear MP Ted O’Brien to the climate change and energy portfolio.

Speaking with ABC RN, Mr Dutton said nuclear energy would keep power prices down.

“I’m not afraid to have a discussion on nuclear if we want to have legitimate emission reductions,” Mr Dutton said on Monday………. . I don’t think we should rule things out simply because it’s unfashionable to talk about them.”

“There’s this perception that’s been put around nuclear … etched into folklore from cartoons.”

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