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”Zero chance of any nuclear power stations in Britain in the next decade”

”…………………. Former Business Energy and Industrial Strategy minister Jesse
Norman was one of the back-bench Tory MPs submitting a letter of no
confidence in the Prime Minister this week. He told Mr Johnson that
“Sensible planning has been replaced by empty rhetoric” under his
leadership. In his letter, Mr Norman poured cold water on hopes
that sites like Moorside in Copeland and Hinkley will see new nuclear in
coming years. “As a former energy minister I can tell you that there is,
for example, zero chance that this or any government will be able to build
a nuclear power station a year at any point in the next decade.” ………….

Labour member of Copeland Council’s Strategic Nuclear Energy Board Joseph
Ghayouba said: “He’s confirmed what local people have been saying for a
long time. The Conservative Party has been lying to the people of Copeland
for years. “Promising new nuclear and none ever appears. To get elected
Trudy Harrison promised to secure Moorside then broke her promise and said
there wasn’t a “magic money tree” for the project. Now it’s clear the
Conservatives have no plan to develop new nuclear in Copeland.”……….. Carlisle News & Star 13th June 2022


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