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Nuclear Weapons Proliferation Risk

 Paul Dorfman: And, of course, what we’re also seeing is the
weaponization of civil nuclear plants with the Russian occupation of
Chernobyl and Zaporizhzhya, a nuclear power plant, which, as the US
ambassador to the UN said, ‘By the grace of God we didn’t have a
nuclear catastrophe’. So as long as there are elements of aggression
going on, then demilitarization of nuclear looks profoundly problematic.
And so we’re getting to the point at which – before, you know, we
thought the Cold War was over, we thought that risk of nuclear annihilation
was a thing of the past. Unfortunately, increasingly, we’re seeing that
these things can happen.”

 TRT World 16th June 2022

 Nuclear plants could become dirty bombs in Ukraine, warns Serhii Plokhy.
The Harvard historian says governments should agree to protect them in war.

 Economist 16th June 2022


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