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TODAY. Australia slides into the grip of the global nuclear lobby

It sounds so good doesn’t it? The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, (IAEA) is coming to Australia, to make sure that our new you-beaut nuclear submarines will be safe and healthy!

But let’s be clear on the purpose of the IAEA. It is not a neutral, independent, body. It is not primarily about safety.

The clear and prime purpose of the IAEA is to promote and develop the nuclear industry -it says so in its mission statement.

A 50-year-old agreement with the IAEA has effectively gagged the WHO from telling the truth about the health risks of radiation.

Don’t expect Mr Grossi to mention any of these basic problems. The IAEA is NOT objective – sure – it wants the nuclear submarines to be just safe enough to go ahead. There’ll be no emphasis on wottheheck will be done with the toxic wastes (IAEA has no idea about that), or on the risks to our Pacific neighbours in having these subs go through their supposedly nuclear-free waters.

The IAEA will be another nice-looking con job by the nuclear lobby – furthering our slide into this toxic industry


July 1, 2022 - Posted by | Christina reviews

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