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Macron’s energy plans in tatters, as major flaws cause shutdown’s in France’s nuclear reactors

Macron’s energy plans in tatters as EDF nuclear reactor flaw deals hammer
blow. French President Emmanuel Macron’s ambitious plans to transform
energy systems around the world may be scuppered by major flaws in EDF’s
nuclear reactors.

During a speech at the 48th G7 summit held in Germany, Mr
Macron laid out his plans to rid the world of coal and get the planet to
net zero emissions by 2050. In his roadmap, he touted the benefits of
nuclear energy, which is the largest source of electricity generation in
France, accounting for 70 percent of the country’s supply.

However, recent reports of cracks being discovered in some of EDF’s nuclear reactors may
throw a spanner in the works. The French leader admitted one disadvantage
of nuclear energy is the technology is not permanent, as ageing nuclear
reactors need to decommission, usually after 40 or 50 years after opening.
While France has a large fleet of nuclear reactors, many of them are
ageing, with French regulators pushing the scheduled shutdown of over half
of EDF’s reactors by over a decade.

Express 28th June 2022

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