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Scientist sheds doubt on the viability of Australia’s planned Kimba nuclear waste dump.

Peter Remta 7 July 22, This is the comment by the scientific expert who has been  responsible for Australia’s only two nuclear waste  management facilities and is often asked by ARPANSA for  advice .

There was an oblique reference to aerodynamic surveys in  the characterisation reports by AECOM.  

I have no idea why they would be doing this now.

This is the kind of survey that would be undertaken prior to  selecting a site to identify prospective geology and avoid areas of commercial mineralisation that would be sterilised  by siting a radioactive repository. It smacks to me of  someone with a bottomless budget to spend or be lost. 

As a consultant advising a client on site evaluations on a  regular basis, I do my best to minimise the extent of work  done to only that which is required and will provide  important supporting information, as such survey work is  costly. 

A good comparison is Deep Isolation from California  which apparently has raised USD$35 million but most overseas experts  regard its technology as old hat and not really workable and above all not safe



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