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Liberal National Party, led by Dutton and Littleproud vote on support for Queensland nuclear plants

LNP vote on support for Qld nuclear plants, Marty Silk  July 8, 2022,

Liberal National Party members are set to vote on whether to make it easier for nuclear power plants to be built in Queensland.

The party will use its annual convention in Brisbane this weekend to decide on motions that could come to define its climate change and energy policies at the next state and federal elections.

They include a call to commit to net zero emissions by 2050 ahead of the 2024 state election and to repeal any law preventing the construction of a nuclear power plant in Queensland.

“So that it authorises the construction or operation of the following nuclear installations: a nuclear fuel fabrication plant; a nuclear power plant; an enrichment plant; and a reprocessing facility,” the motion put forward by three LNP branches says.

Other motions call for an end of government subsidies for renewable energy and for domestic coal, oil, gas and uranium reserves.

The LNP motions could be decisive in determining the federal coalition’s energy policies as both the Liberal and National leaders – Peter Dutton and David Littleproud – are members.

Mr Littleproud last month wrote to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese urging him to consider small-scale nuclear plants to reduce emissions and improve reliability.

Formed in a merger of the two parties 14 years ago, the LNP currently holds more seats in Queensland than the coalition does in any other state.

The Queensland party’s three-day annual convention starts in Brisbane on Friday will begin charting a course for its return to power.

Opposition Leader David Crisafulli is hoping to lead the LNP to victory in two years’ time against what will then be a nine-year-old Labor government.

Federal Opposition Leader Mr Dutton is on leave and will miss the convention, but his deputy Mr Littleproud will speak on Saturday………………………………

There are also motions to water down land clearing laws and to oppose any increase of national park areas in Queensland…………………………


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