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I had trouble finding “good news” for today. So, I’ll put in a thought of my own. My own country, Australia, today gives some hope, For the first time, we have a government really trying to include our First Nations people in decision-making. Not only is Australia headed for a referendum to bring indigenous voices into our Parliament – with hope to redress the wrongs of 200 years, but also the hope that indigenous knowledge and culture will advise and further the mighty task of healing our damaged environment.

Coronavirus and Climate –  it’s all drastically bad- the mind boggles –  best for readers to do their homework on these.

Nuclear.  Ironically, as nations ramp up their nuclear weaponry – comes the anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.      At some commemorations. survivors like Setsuko Thurlow will be speaking.  Like the survivors of Auschwitz, these first witnesses may not be with us much longer. It is all-important that their message is remembered, and that denialism of these truly awful horrors does not prevail.


 Labor should halt plans to dump nuclear waste on South Australia – Greens Senator Barbara Pocock. Alarm on nuclear waste transport.  

Australia urged to prove it is a safe nuclear custodian as Aukus comes under scrutiny at UNFleet of nuclear submarines will be sent by Britain to Australia as a warning to China. Indonesia warns of perils of nuclear-powered submarines in submission to the UN. 

Busting the poorly informed pro-nuclear hype of Spectator Australia.  Jenny Ware -A Liberal MP happily in the grip of the nuclear lobby.

Nancy Pelosi’s planned trip to Taiwan – ‘Unprecedented, foolish, dangerous’ -says former Australian Prime Minister.

Government to rewrite climate bill to win over Greens.


The World Does Not Want a Global NATO.

Deterrencelessness: Nuclear threats neither credible nor viable.

UN Nuclear Review: a prime time to stop the new arms race. Ukraine War Hangs Over UN Meeting on Nuclear Treaty’s Legacy.  U.N. nuclear conference to start Monday as Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhya plant in “alarming” state, watchdog says.

For Warmongers It’s Always 1938.      US airman who rescued film of A-bomb horrors is honoured at last.

Small nuclear reactors will bleed us dry and won’t solve climate change – unfounded promises.

The future of global catastrophic risk events from climate change.

UKRAINE. Russia accused of waging war out of working nuclear power plant in Ukraine. How professional lobbyists have worked to generate enthusiasm in Washington for a long proxy military conflict in UkraineHigh risks at

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Jenny Ware -A Liberal MP happily in the grip of the nuclear lobby

Some of the more inane comments promoting nuclear power for Australia have lately been voiced by Liberal MP Jenny Ware . She’s enthusiastically advocating nuclear to solve Australia’s electricity crunch prices. (a. Nuclear would not be operative for decades. b. Nuclear is the most costly source)

And she wants the Lucas Heights research reactor to provide electricity. Does she not know that there’s a bit of a difference between a research reactor and a commercial nuclear power plant? (There are a few other problems, too, but nuclear lobby mouthpieces don’t usually stretch to considering them.

from The Daily Telegraph – Nuclear the best medicine for power prices, says new MP Newly elected member for Hughes Jenny Ware has declared Australia has to start talking about adding nuclear into the mix, otherwise we won’t be able to keep the lights on.

James Morrow in The Chronicle writes Hughes MP Jenny Ware wants Lucas Heights nuclear reactor to help power Australia

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