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France’s troubled nuclear fleet a bigger problem for Europe than Russia gas

France’s troubled nuclear fleet a bigger problem for Europe than Russia gas — RenewEconomy

 Before Peter Dutton’s Coalition charge off into yet another inquiry into
the merits of nuclear power, they might want to take a closer look at
what’s happening in Europe, where the failure of France’s huge nuclear
power plant fleet is causing bigger problems for EU power supplies than
Russia’s withheld gas supply.

France has been delivering just a fraction
of its energy production potential in recent months, and overnight the
situation got worse when French power producer EDF announced another three
power plants would curtail output because of rising temperatures. Rivers
have become too hot in the latest heatwave to be used to cool the reactors.
The majority of France’s 56 nuclear reactors are currently throttled down
or taken offline due to a combination of scheduled maintenance, erosion
damage (worryingly, mostly at the newer plants of the ageing fleet) and
cooling water shortages due to recurring heatwaves and droughts.

 Renew Economy 5th Aug 2022


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