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Chinese people are not enthusiastic about the nuclear industry

From a comment by Terry Southard 26 Aug 22

China is now, the world’s biggest economy.  China has a large, educated middle class and large employed, informed, working class. Most chines have little respect for Americans, in theUSA or Americans, that visit China.

At least a half million Chinese, rose up against two  proposed  nuclear power plants   and, a  plutonium reprocessing plant in the in  Jiangsu region, of china  post-fukushima, in 2016.  Thousands of Chinese took to the streets, in two separate cities, in China,  to protest new  proposed reactors and a used nuclear fuel plutonium processing plant, in their region in 2016.

The central government in Bejing, backed down, and stopped the plutonium plant and reactors in those two regions in china.

There simply aren’t enough Chinese students rushing to enrol into nuclear engineering courses, to produce the workforce for an expanded nuclear program.7 China’s ambitious nuclear expansion plans would require at least 50,000 students to be trained by 2030, but barely a few hundred students raise their hands each year.8 The shortage of trained nuclear technicians and engineers has already led to safety incidents.8

By contrast, in 2015, China invested five times more in renewables than nuclear power.4 Those nuclear projects will take many years to complete, whereas renewables are deployed and put to immediate use. Moreover, China’s nuclear investments may have an uncertain future and may meet the same fate as their renowned ghost cities. Significant Chinese street protests against nuclear, in 2013 and 2015, indicate a growing groundswell of discontent.9,10

China halts work on $15 billion nuclear waste project after protest


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