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A big week in nuclear news

Unfortunately, right now when alternative news on nuclear issues is needed more than ever, our international website, is not available.  This is due to a domain name problem, which I hope will soon be fixed. has, for over 12 years, been gathering together those few news items that show the ‘other side’ of nuclear news – in a media landscape dominated by glossy spin from the nuclear lobby – regurgitated by the corporate media.

Indeed – right now – it borders on the hilariously funny –  as corporate media pushes nuclear power as safe and clean, while Ukraine, Belarus, even Europe anxiously fear catastrophe at Zaporizhia.

A bit of good news – Humanity’s Moment: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope by Joëlle GergisReviewed by Kara Nicholson


 Our Air Force is already ‘operating against China’.     Anti-AUKUS campaign ramps up over U.S.-China war talk. 

 US admiral issues blunt warning on building Australian submarines in overstretched shipyards. Australian submariners to train onboard British nuclear-powered submarines under AUKUS deal. Britain supports Australia’s nuclear submarines – (UK and USA vying for the sale to Oz?)

  AI Group Unveiled: a propaganda service for Defence, big business and the Coalition.


Russia and the U.S. are entering ‘dangerous and uncharted’ nuclear territory.

Podcast – How the Western Press has become a propaganda tool of the war industry and the Ukrainian government.

Infographic: The impact of nuclear tests around the world. Can the testing on anti-satellite weapons be banned?.

No energy solution without a radical rethink — World leaders suck in the fossil-nuclear mindset.

$Multibillion costs in the struggle to deal with nuclear wastes across the globe.

A climate scientist on the planet’s simultaneous disasters, from Pakistan’s horror floods to Europe’s record drought

Global fossil fuel subsidies rocket to almost $US700 billion in 2021


 Zaporizhia.      Collective madness — Zaporizhzhia is the poster child for abandoning the use of nuclear power.   Very real risks of nuclear catastrophe at Zaporizhia nuclear station, with the memory of Chernobyl ever present. A1 IAEA at Zaporizhia nuclear station: Dr Paul Dorfman assesses the risks.           Ukraine’s nuclear plant partly goes offline amid fightingFighting goes on near Ukraine nuclear plant; IAEA on site.     Nikopol under attack: Residents flee fighting near Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.   

  UN thanks Russia for keeping nuclear team safe. Fighting at Ukraine nuclear plant brings chances of a meltdown to a ‘coin toss’, expert says. U.S. Calls For ‘Controlled Shutdown’ Of Zaporizhzhya Plant As IAEA Inspectors Seek Access. New artillery attack as IAEA heads to Ukraine nuclear plant. 

 Pentagon admits ‘likelihood’ of Ukrainian shelling near nuclear plant.   Ukraine accused of targeting possible route of nuclear inspectors. Russia accuses Ukraine of fresh shelling of nuclear plant.    Satellite images show damage to buildings right next to Zaporizhzhia nuclear reactors.    Russia blames Ukrainian forces for potential disaster.   

 European Union providing Ukraine with over 5 million doses of potassium iodide tabletsZelensky aide says UN nuclear watchdog should be mistrusted ‘by default’. If people take part in referendums in Donbass region, Ukraine government will prosecute them as criminal offenders. Ukrainian government wants to sell nuclear energy to Germany .

Moscow says – US Afraid Inhumane Acts Committed by Azov Terrorists Will Be Made Public.    International Atomic Energy Agency inspection team on its way to Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

JAPAN. Fukushima town lifts evacuation order, but few former residents want to come back. Fukushima Plants Showing ‘Unusual Growing Patterns’.

PACIFIC ISLANDS. As Japan builds nuclear dumping facilities, Pacific groups say ‘stop‘.

RUSSIAGorbachev Ended Cold War, Eased Nuclear Tensions But Trusted US Too Much – Experts.

UK.   New nuclear bases and nuclear submarines in Scotland deemed “unachievable” by a UK Government watchdog.   Navy officer opposed to nuclear weapons sues UK Ministry of Defence .

   You can’t trust Liz Truss (oil and gas devotee) on energy policy for Britain      Nuclear power: the accumulating problems. Boris Johnson unveils £1.45billion nuclear submarine. Boris Johnson’s parting gift – a £30 billion nuclear debtBoris Johnson locking the next Prime Minister into unsustainable nuclear debt. High Court legal challenge to UK government against decision to build Sizewell C nuclear station.

Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion condemns decision for massively costly Sizewell C nuclear station. Boris Johnson’s legacy of the nuclear fantasy. Compulsory purchase orders of land for Sizewell C nuclear project . Stop Sizewell C urges Boris Johnson’s successor to totally review this costly nuclear project£3.3 million tax-payer boost for untried non-existent technology . Nuclear power for Britain – a “financial basket case “. UK’s Nuclear Gambit Faces Long Odds Even With Sizewell Approval.

GDF Community Partnership promotes “feel good” books to children., making nuclear waste dump ‘cute and safe’. A concerted push now for renewable energy would save Britons billions of pounds.

USA. Mothers For Peace disappointed that California Governor supports ”lifeline” for Diablo Canyon nuclear power station. USA’s Inflation Reduction Act a tidy little bonanza for the nuclear industry . City of Aiken will receive more than $168M in plutonium storage settlementRadioactive Waste ‘Everywhere’ at Ohio Oilfield Facility, Says Former Worker.

CANADA. Walk in Ignace protests nuclear waste storage site.

EUROPE. Gas prices and nuclear outages put European grid at breaking point.

SWITZERLAND. Future threat to Europe’s water supplies as Switzerland’s glaciers are rapidly thawing .

FRANCE. France braces for uncertain winter as nuclear power shortage looms.

PAKISTAN. The ‘horrors of climate change‘ hit Pakistan .

SOUTH ASIA. South Asian countries facing devastating extreme weather events – seek reparation from rich countries.

IRAN. Iran does not seek to develop nuclear weapons, says President Ebrahim Raisi. Iran seeks stronger U.S. guarantees for revival of 2015 nuclear deal.


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