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A bit of good news –  Reasons for (cautious) optimism: the good news on the climate crisis

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Epidemiological Update. No – it hasn’t gone away.

Nuclear.  The media contradiction continues –   as anxiety increases  over Ukraine’s  Zaporizhzhia nuclear station – so does the increase in propaganda about how safe, – clean – cheap – is nuclear power!


The Defence Strategic Review and the loss of our strategic autonomy to the US.   Pine Gap a target as Ukraine invasion raises nuclear war risk, Australian defence expert warns. Don’t mention the war powers: what’s behind Labor’s silence on inquiry?

PM grills Peter Dutton on location of power plants amid Coalition’s nuclear push. One legal win for Aboriginal people in South Australia gives hope to the Barngarla people who are fighting the Kimba nuclear waste dump plan.


Leni Riefenstahl said her epic films glorifying the Nazis depended on a “submissive void” in the German public. This is how propaganda is done.

The colossal failure of the 10th Non Proliferation Treaty Treaty (NPT) Review Conference. After U.N. conference, nuclear disarmament advocates look to new strategies.

Wow! The nuclear lobby comes up with a new plan “to compel governments to make difficult decisions“.

Small nuclear reactors emerge as energy option, but risks loom.

Researchers agree: The world can reach a 100% renewable energy system by or before 2050.

UKRAINE. All 6 reactors at Zaporizhzhia now completely stopped operating . Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station is still under threatKiev spreading ‘propaganda by fear’ – French ex-presidential candidate. On Ukraine’s war on the Donbass, Russia’s denazification operation, & being on Ukraine’s kill list.      Zaporizhzhia: proposals for demilitarised zone around Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant are unprecedented – expert reveals.   Putin and Macron trade blame over risk at Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant.

   Western media continues to ignore Ukraine’s public ‘kill list’ aimed at those who question the Kiev regime. . It’s not okay for grown adults to say the Ukraine invasion was “unprovoked”. 

EUROPE.   Drying up of Europe’s great rivers – the death knell for France’s nuclear fleet?

UK. UK and Europe cannot depend on nuclear power, with reactors shutting down, just as winter hits.  Sizewell C nuclear project might be scrapped as UK faces ‘long winter’ due to energy crisis. A farcical detachment from reality’: Green groups respond to Government’s energy bills plan. Nuclear is the worst possible way to back up wind power.

Sizewell C nuclear plant “will never get built” due to impossibility of raising finance for it.Environment Agency rejects EDF’s appeal against requirement to protect millions of fish from Hinkley C’s huge cooling system. 

UK government grants £3.3M funding for Advanced Modular Development and Demonstration Nuclear Reactors. Safety a ‘top priority’ for anti-nuclear groups seeking answers on nuclear rail transport. Public opinion in UK – overwhelming support for solar and wind energy .

NORTH KOREA. Kim Jong Un says North Korea’s new law allowing pre-emptive nuclear strikes is ‘irreversible’.

CANADA. Peaceful Walk Against Nuclear Waste Resumes.  Medical nuclear reactors becoming redundant as technetium imaging becoming obsolete?

USA. Race Correction and the X-Ray Machine — The Controversy over Increased Radiation Doses for Black Americans in 1968.                                                                                                                                                           Trump’s Top-Secret Document Hoard Included Nuclear Weapons Data. Mishandling of Classified Nuclear Documents Is Bad. Mishandling of the Sole Authority to Use Nuclear Weapons Would Be Much Worse.                       Navy Seeks Solution for Decommissioned Nuclear Carrier USS Enterprise.

IRAN. Revival of the Iran nuclear deal is not likely any time soon. France, Germany and UK lose faith in negotiations with Iran, to restore the nuclear agreement.

GERMANYGerman chancellor rejects calls to reverse nuclear power plant closures. Germany to extend last 2 nuclear power plant lifespans by a few weeksOperator doubts German plan to keep nuclear plants on standby.

SWITZERLAND. Switzerland plans controversial nuclear waste dump all too close to German border.

SOUTH KOREA. Super Typhoon Hinnamnor Could Slam Straight Into Nuclear Power Plant. Jung Jae Kwon: Questioning the nuclear umbrella.  


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