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Nuclear power still doesn’t make much sense


New York Times-NYT | Opinion Piece | by Farhad Manjoo 16 Sept 22


“…the nuclear industry has long been hobbled by two problems that its boosters can’t really wish away:

Nuclear is far slower to build than most other forms of power, and it’s far more expensive, too.

And now there is a third problem on the horizon.

As battery technology improves and the price of electricity storage plummets, nuclear may be way too late, too…

with much of its value eclipsed by cheaper, faster and more flexible renewable power technologies.”

This is without discussing in detail why, how, and where, increasing, innovation efficiencies in current batteries, are trending cheaper;

or the high probability of solid-state batteries, in the development pathway emerging.

Keywords: ‘battery technology improves’ ‘the price of electricity storage plummets’ ‘nuclear’ ‘eclipsed by cheaper, faster and more flexible renewable’

Many good points in this article, including –

“… because any new money put in nuclear is money you aren’t spending on renewable projects that could lower emissions immediately. There’s an opportunity cost “of waiting around for a nuclear reactor to be built when you could have spent that money on wind or solar and got rid of emissions much faster,” Jacobson said. …”…/nuclear-power-still-doesnt…


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