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This week’s nuclear news – Australia and more

Some bits of good news :  Good News On The 2022 Climate Action Front.  
Undersea Cable to Funnel 3 Gigawatts of Solar Energy From Egypt to Power Millions of European Households


Political Solution for Assange: Jennifer Robinson at the National Press Club

 Just like the Liberal Party, the Australian Labor Party appoints a pro-nuclear stooge (Madeleine King) as Resources Minister. 

 Concerns in outback SA grow as federal government plans to store defence waste at planned Kimba nuclear dump. The previous Liberal government lied about its Kimba nuclear waste dump plan, but be wary of the new Labor government, too. No Nuclear Waste Dump in SA” Motion passed South Australia Labor Conference Sat 22 Oct 2022.

Scandalous conflicts of interest in Australia’s advice from USA on nuclear submarines.

Victoria deserves praise for promising a rapid shift from coal to renewables. Now comes the hard part.


CLIMATE. Nuclear is on the front-line of climate change – and not in a good way – Nuclear is Not a Climate Solution – Dr. Arjun Makhijani.      Noisy support for an obvious failure. 

 Doomsday Greenland glacier on the brink as scientist sounds alarm. Least Developed Countries want ‘concrete action’ from rich nations at COP27 Climate Summit . COP27 climate change summit: World leaders urged to act as report reveals 768 million are underfed.

Read more: This week’s nuclear news – Australia and more

CIVIL LIBERTIES. Group of 7 condemn Russian kidnapping of Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant leadershipRussian language should become extinct in Ukraine – security chief.

ECONOMICS. The Economics Of European Nuclear Power Don’t Add Up. American companies might make highly enriched uranium fuel for small nuclear reactors, except that there seems to be no market for them

 ‘A nuclear waste dump and seaside resort don’t go well together’. What is Regulatory Asset Base and how will it affect future energy charges for Scots? Energy bills in Scotland set to rise to finance England’s nuclear power plants.

EMPLOYMENTStrikes at French nuclear plants – what’s at stake?

ENERGY. How European countries are cutting power consumptionRenewable energy brings record savings to Europe. America’s new nuclear power industry has a Russian problemFrance’s Nuclear Reactors Malfunction as Energy Crisis Bites.

ENVIRONMENT. An Elementary School Near a Nuclear Dump Site Is Teeming With Radioactivity. Marshall Islanders unwilling to sign economic agreement with USA – want redress first of their harmful nuclear legacy. The Nuclear Site That Can’t Be Cleaned Up.

ETHICS and RELIGION. Archbishop renews call for dialogue on ridding world of nuclear weapons.

HEALTH. Inhabitants of French Polynesian atolls call for support and compensation for the health and environmental harm from nuclear testing. NFLA urges UK government to distribute iodine tablets to help prepare for nuclear threat. How Iodine Tablets Block Some Nuclear Radiation. How Iodine Pills Can—and Can’t—Help Against Radiation.

HUMAN RIGHTS. UN Human Rights Council Presses US to Address Nuclear Legacy on the Marshall Islands.

LEGAL. Whistleblower’ says legal battle with nuclear site owners ‘almost broke me’.

MEDIA. The US Government Sees Silicon Valley As Part Of Its Propaganda Machine.

OPPOSITION TO NUCLEARNuclear Free Local Authorities urge the UK’s new Chancellor to scrap plan to invest in the Sizewell nuclear white elephant. Golden Rule sails for peace to Burlington.

POLITICS. Off the hook: UK government absolves nuclear operators from accident liability. Rishi Sunak’s Richmond constituency is one of the potential locations for a small nuclear reactor factory. Germany will still end nuclear power by April 2023. Kishida’s nuclear policy rekindles battle in small Japanese town.

POLITICS INTERNATIONAL and DIPLOMACY. The Ukraine war: the Europeans have been nicely played by the Americans. US billionaire proposes peace plan for Ukraine and Russia. Elon Musk supports Russia keeping Crimea—because he’s worried about nuclear escalation and World War III. The Profoundly Stupid Narrative That Nuclear Brinkmanship Is Safety And De-Escalation Is Danger.  How diplomacy averted nuclear war 60 years ago.

 Russia is funding its war on Ukraine by selling $billions of uranium to Europe’s nuclear industry– no sanctions on that! USA’s planned small nuclear reactors will need special uranium fuel – from Russia

Russia says U.S. blocked its participation in nuclear conference. The West Has Failed: North Korea Is a Nuclear StateBiden’s diplomatic nuclear faux pas regarding Pakistan.

PUBLIC OPINION. The Generational Divide Over Nuclear Power.

SAFETY. Moscow says it now runs Europe’s largest nuclear plant, causing chaos and confusionIAEA chief hopes to return to Ukraine ‘soon‘ over nuclear plant talks, 

 A European scramble for nuclear energy is hampered by risks of terrorist and cyber attacks, as well as the wastes problem. Damage to feedwater pumps delays the operation of Finland’s massive new Olkiluoto nuclear reactor. U.S. Nuclear Reactors Among The Oldest In The World . M5.0 quake shakes Japan’s Fukushima, no damage reported.

SECRETS and LIES. Elon Musk – arguably the world’s biggest conman and egoist. How the pro-Ukraine “North Atlantic Fellas Organization” (NAFO) troll operation crowd-funds war criminals.

SPACE: EXPLORATION, WEAPONS. New Zealand MP says Rocket Lab launches could betray country’s anti-nuclear stance.

WAR and CONFLICTNOWHERE TO HIDE -How a nuclear war would kill you — and almost everyone else. “Present Danger: Nuclear Power Plants in War Zelensky denies ordering attack on Crimean BridgeTerror on Crimea Bridge and Russia unleashing shock’n aweWhy the US must press for a ceasefire in Ukraine

SCOTT RITTER: Nuclear High Noon in EuropeRehearsal for ‘Armageddon’ Underway as NATO and Russia Hold Nuclear Exercises. US rehearses dropping nuclear bombs in Europe. NATO Chief  Raises Nuclear War Fever. Would the use of a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine lead to all-out nuclear war? US could directly intervene in Ukraine – ex-CIA chief Petraeus.

WEAPONS and WEAPONS SALESInternational mayors’ group calls for nuclear abolition at Hiroshima conference


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