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Why does Australia still sell uranium to China?

‘Target Oz’: Defence Strategic Review must address nuclear risks, Pearls and Irritations, By David Noonan, Nov 3, 2022“…………… War with China is in open debate. China has potential to attack Australia with nuclear weapons.

Australia banned sale of uranium to Russia in 2014with Prime Minister Tony Abbott stating:

Australia has no intention of selling uranium to a country which is so obviously in breach of international law as Russia currently is.”

China should be disqualified from receiving Australian uranium sales given China’s severe breaches of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law against the Uighur and Tibetan peoples.

I have campaigned against uranium sales to China “Uranium policy a hypocrisy” (Opinion, The Age & SMH, 5 Oct 2009) and raised Human Rights cases:

“Australian uranium will effectively disappear off the safeguards radar on arrival in China, a country whose military is inextricably linked to the civilian nuclear sector and where nuclear whistle-blowers and critics are brutally suppressed and jailed. This alone is reason to disqualify China from acquiring Australian uranium.”

The routine “substitution” of Australian uranium in China, and the Illusion of Protection in ASNO safeguards, warrant an exit from uranium sales to China.

Transparency is a core pre-requisite to any ‘trust’ in nuclear issues but is sorely lacking in China.

BHP Olympic Dam is the only outfit still selling Australian uranium to China.

At best this frees up China to divert its own limited supply of uranium for use in its military nuclear regime, at worst, it directly contributes to nuclear weapons. This is a Defence Review issue.

Australia has no leverage on China and must end our exposure in BHP’s risky uranium sales to China.


November 3, 2022 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, uranium

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