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Why the Australian media is – at best – USELESS

At worst – I think it’s dangerous.

There is some investigative journalism going on – but only on selected topics. By that, I mean that it’s OK for the news media to cover various scandals, about individuals, politicians, and companies, for example, ones too slack about cyber-security -etc.

The topics that must not be investigated are:

  1. Ukraine – that is, only pro-Ukrainian news, may be covered – showing Ukrainians in a good light, Russians bad, and Ukraine winning the war preferably sourced exclusively from Kiev, or USA.
  2. China – must be shown in a bad light at all times, and seen as a military threat to Australia.
  3. Nuclear submarines (at up to $200billion) . I will admit that a few brave souls, even from within the Defence establishment, have suggested the uselessness of these, for Australia’s defence. But the over-riding media mesaage goes along the lines of – we need them against China, they’ll bring jobs, blah blah.

Where do we find critical investigative journalism? Not among the ranks of the well-paid journalists. We find it in the digital media outlets, struggling so hard to survive, and unable to pay journalists a living wage, or perhaps anything at all. I’m talking about Michael West Media. Pearls and Irritations, Indepndent Australia, Online Opinion, and some inependently minded mavericks such as Caitlin Johnstone.

I can understand the plight of journalists who need to earn a living – support a family. They do the compromise, and some happily can escape into sport, fashion, food, or feminism about women getting to the top.

Caitlin Johnstone is not as forgiving as I am . From her tweets today:

The only reason the mainstream world view is mainstream is because the world’s most powerful people have poured a tremendous anount of money into making it mainstream.

All journalistsd have biases and all journalists have agendas. It’s just that most of them have the mundane agenda of becoming esteemed and well-known, and the easiest way to do that is to espouse the mainstream world-view, where the tide of propaganda can caarry you to shore.

The easiest way to become rich and famous in news media is to promote the interests of the rich and powerful people who own and influence the news media. The easiest way to become reviled and maginalised is to attack those interests. Your values determine which path you choose.


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