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Kimba nuclear waste dump plan lacks a safety plan and is fracturing the local community

Peter Remta 7 Jan 23. I have again passed on more information to Professor Orellana who is the United Nations special rapporteur mandated as to the human rights aspects of nuclear and hazardous waste

What is really needed is for various community members to contact him direct and explain to him how stressful the whole situation at Kimba has been leading to a fractured society which may never properly recover from this ordeal

The federal government at every turn has failed to abide by or follow the international prescriptions relating to its proposals for Kimba which among other things include the lack of a safety case and after so many years being unable to provide the radionuclide inventory of the intermediate level waste to be stored in the above ground facility

Australia prides itself as a leading first world country on having a most democratic system of government yet this situation would not be tolerated in most third world countries which seem to give greater credence to human rights than locally 

Everything for Special Rapporteurs Orellana shoulder sent to his assistants:

Sonia Cuesta

Halida Nasic


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