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Nothing in writing. No guarantees – the planned Kimba waste dump could get highly radioactive nuclear wastes from submarines

A handshake deal where the goal posts can move, and they have. Nothing in writing limiting volumes, strengths or qualities of radioactive wastes, all the government needed was a gullible dichotomy willing to embrace such wastes.

Don’t believe me the goal posts have moved, “look again,” it has already happened. Kimba’s resident Politician should be adroit, he should have made a move on it. Moreover, Kimba may not be able to hold back on future wastes if the door is opened.

Going back when the Farmer come nuclear profiteer offered a parcel of land for the abandonment of radioactive waste there was no mention of radioactive waste from a decommissioned fleet of submarines, or the wastes generated while they’re in service.

So, I ask “What safeguards and guarantees have been put in writing to protect us from any escalation of wastes?”


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