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Firefighters called to Newcastle golf club after stolen car set alight

Firefighters were called to a popular golf course after a stolen car was set on fire, sparking concern over a potential radiation leak.

Aisling Brennan 8 Feb 23,

Firefighters have successfully prevented a radiation leak coming from a stolen car set on fire in the middle of a Newcastle golf course.

Specialist hazardous materials firefighters from Fire and Rescue NSW were called to Merewether Golf Club in Adamstown, following reports of a possible radiation leak about 9.45am on Wednesday.

The car, which was allegedly stolen, had been driven onto the green in the early hours of the morning, where the driver reportedly did several burnouts on the golf club greens.

The car was then set on fire and abandoned about 2am.

Crews were called when the owner of the stolen vehicle notified authorities there was a moisture gauge on board which has a radiation source attached and could be damaged because of the blaze.

“Firefighters, wearing protective clothing and carrying radiation detectors, then entered the scene and conducted an initial assessment,” FRNSW said in a statement.

“The equipment was located and was emitting low levels of radiation.

“Additional specialist radiation detection equipment and radiation experts responded to conduct a comprehensive assessment.”……………………………………………..


February 11, 2023 - Posted by | - incidents, New South Wales

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