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Sky News presents rubbishy programme on “preparing Australia for war against China”

National Times 15 Feb 23 Now Hear This Now Hear This – Pauline Hanson has Spoken ( Eric Remarque for the National Times and Isaac Floyd on Twitter)

SKY TV News has a special Wednesday night program ( shock horror) about preparing for war with China.


Pauline Hanson a noted expert on Foreign Affairs and International Relations is obligingly feeding into this right wing war mongering propaganda.

But it appear that it is NewsCorp who’s on the warpath, not China, not Australia.

How soon before the likes of Pauline Hanson and others on the right side of politics start advocating for conscription.

The question is – do these people really understand that China is a Nuclear Power or that the key to Australia is trade.

Maybe SKY-TV News should understand that their favoured Political Party the Liberals lost the election because the people were sick and tied of the incompetence of the Morrison Government.

Its also worth noting that Lockheed Martin is a sponcor of SKY -TV News.

All things considered companies like this should not be permitted to sponsor news outlets.

So lets treat this SKY-TV News Special for what it is – RUBBISH


February 16, 2023 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, media

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