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All quiet on the Fukushima front? The global nuclear lobby sure likes it that way.

The video above is from last year. I could find only one up to date video about the 11 March 2011 Fukushima nuclear catastrophe. The newest video is at and for this one, it is not permitted to be re-shown on other websites.

Why is it not to be made widely available? Is it because that video shows the sadness, and the courage, of young Japanese university students who are dedicated to tell the story of the nuclear disaster – to the younger generation.

I guess that the Japanese government, all the other pro-nuclear government, and the despicable global nuclear lobby are only too pleased to have the Fukushima nuclear story fade into the background. After all, these worthy entities, having pocketed their fat salaries, with a bit of luck, will be dead and gone when the nuclear shit really hits the fan, world-wide.

It is the young and their children, who will cop the results of this toxic industry.

Meanwhile do we just all pretend that the Fukushima nuclear disaster is over and done with?

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