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Australia’s Defence Minister Richard Marles is a master of “weasel words”

I’ve been underestimating this guy.

I thought that he was just just emotionally ignorant, just a bit stupid in that area of thought. Well, he probably is, anyway.

But Richard Marles is not stupid. He is very clever in that way that seemingly fair-minded , oh-so-reasonable people, can manage to put across militaristic, propagandist, right-wing views. He’s got a great new term for US military bases in Australia –collaborative facilities

I think that they’re a rising breed – these nice-looking, clean-cut, pleasantly spoken types like the USA’s Anthony Blinken, who go around persuading everybody that it’s a good idea to pay $squillions of tax-payers’ money to their friendly USA and UK weapons company, and to move towards the brink of war against China, Russia or whoever.

At times, I almost yearn for the straightforwardness of the publicly admitted extreme right – in Australia, we have the lovely Peter Dutton, Leader of the Liberal Opposition, and an out and proud spokesman for militarism. At least we know where we are with these types.

“Weasel words” are very valuable currency in the present day and age. Look at the value to the warmongers of White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby . I mean some people have been anxious in learning that depleted uranium weapons are to be used by the Ukrainian troops. But Mr Kirby was able to reassure us – “The ammunition, which enhances ability to overcome defenses on tanks, ‘is not radioactive’ –  a commonplace type of munition

Alas the Labor Party of Gough Whitlam and Paul Keating is long gone.

The Albanese Labor government is all about strategy and cunning manipulation of policies. This is a style in which the weasel-word likes of Richard Marles thrives. I’d like to think that Albanese has some long-term goal of thwarting the militaristic control of Australia by the USA.

But for now, Labor has lost me.


March 24, 2023 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, Christina reviews

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