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NuScam – the sad little canary that’s scared of a tweet

NuScale, maker of the pioneering (supposedly little) Small Modular Nuclear Reactors, must have had a little hissy fit at my beautiful picture of NuScale’s SMR plunging down a bottomless money hole.

I mean, that is pretty much what is in fact happening. But I can understand that NuScale was not all that thrilled with my artwork – they had it removed from Twitter, explaining that –

This person has taken and modified our rendering without our permission and in a derogatory fashion. “

Well, that’s true. Unfortunately sometimes “derogatory” = “true”.

And “true” can be painful. NuScale is seen as the canary in the coal mine for SMRs,

NuScale and the Utah Municipal Power Systems, its partner in an SMR project planned for Idaho, announced early in January, that the target price for the power from their proposed modular reactor had risen by 53% from $58/MWh to $89/MWh.

So NuScale has a lot more to be sad about than just my little picture, and somebody else’s tweet of it. The reality is that the business prospects for all those hyped-up small nuclear reactors are looking very gloomy indeed.

NuScale, Rolls Royce and the rest of them might soon have to face up to the fact that SMRs can survive only as tax-payer funded toys for the military – nuclear submarines, military stations on the moon, whatever new follies that the macho boys think up.


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