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Diana Rickard Submission – Australia’s nuclear bans reflect public rejection of the nuclear industry, and support for clean renewables.

Submission No 74. against Environment and Other Legislation Amendment (Removing Nuclear
Energy Prohibitions) Bill 2022

Nuclear Power is not needed in Australia. Germany is decommissioning its last two nuclear reactors.
There is enough science and technology to provide reliable and sustainable renewable energy for
industrial and residential needs in Germany and in Australia, we have more than enough sunlight,
wind and water to provide clean and sustainable energy for our needs.

  1. Our legislative prohibitions reflect public and community concern over and rejection of
    nuclear power and nuclear waste storage in Australia.
  2. Australia does not need reactor meltdowns, fires and explosions as happened at
    Chernobyl and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power site. We have inherited colonial
    nuclear bomb testing sites and uranium processing sites that still need rehabilitating
    costing billions of dollars and these weapon testing sites have caused sickness and
    permanent disability to people caught up in their poisonis a disgrace that should not be
  3. There is still no permanent nuclear waste disposal facility operating anywhere in the
    world for high-level nuclear waste generated by nuclear power reactors.
  4. Uranium mined in Australia is used for failed nuclear reactors and weapons proliferation
    overseas and the international safeguards system has not been funded anywhere near
    what it would take to avoid or even monitor this. We should avoid further
    contamination from dirty and dangerous nuclear power plants in Australia adding to this
  5. Talk of AUKUS nuclear powered submarines and B52s carrying nuclear weapons while on
    Australian soil makes me very uneasy that we could become a military target. The risk of
    reactors becoming military targets (as has been the case with research reactors in the
    Middle East on multiple occasions) remains a serious concern.
  6. Many countries do not have clear and unambiguous rules governing nuclear power and
    nuclear waste. This is despite the fact that inadequate regulation is widely accepted as a
    main cause of the Fukushima disaster. In a country like Australia where a national motto
    in the 1980s was ‘ Near enough is good enough’ followed by ‘Where the bloody hell are
    you?’ hardly shows our commitment to clear, accountable and sustainable rules-based
    governance on vital issues, does it?
  7. If we remove prohibitions to nuclear power, we would then need significant reforms in
    existing legislation not designed to deal with nuclear power. We would then need a
    massive increase in government resources as well as recruiting an appropriately skilled
    and capable workforce.
  8. With resources concentrating on getting nuclear power right, essential resources to help
    us tackle human-induced climate change, secure a national renewable energy policy and
    deliver modern environmental protection legislation would be lost.

Australia is suffering massive infrastructure, livelihood and life loss due to climate change floods that
should be once in a hundred years but are happening regularly. Our environment is suffering
through massive landclearing by other than small, family farmers or miners.
We cannot trust our future to greedy people and foreign corporations with no care except to make
short-term profit even when it destroys our national interest and iconic environment.
Nuclear power plants are unsustainable, corporately owned and dirty. Renewable energy can
operate independently of large, asset-greedy business interest and can be installed on homes and in
small paddocks. Renewable energy belongs to the people and does not harm the environment as
surely as nuclear energy does.


March 29, 2023 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, politics

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