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Helen Bradbury – Submission – nuclear power not only useless against climate change, but also becomes a serious risk in extreme weather events.

Environment and Other Legislation Amendment (Removing Nuclear Energy Prohibitions) Bill 2022 Submission No. 103

Australians do not need or want Nuclear Power in this country.

Australia needs FAST transition to renewable energy & going down the nuclear energy path is expensive, slow & delays our country’s path to a better energy solution to assist in delaying climate change. The delays in regulating & building nuclear power will seriously delay actions that can mitigate climate change issues.

With floods & fires recently all over Australia (& extreme weather events World wise)we need alternative power solutions Immediately!
Nuclear Power is 5 times more expensive to establish than renewable energy infrastructure
It is a serious risk during 1 in 100/ climate change weather events( floods/fires etc).

We don’t need nuclear power. Australians need renewable energy infrastructure to be encouraged & built.
Saul Griffith “The Big Switch” author has worked in the US but now lives back in Australia & is the man to speak to. ( listen to his Radio National interview) we need renewables.

Nuclear power is risky, very slow to provide an energy solution and very expensive to build, operate and the …


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