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Professor Chilla Bulbeck’s submission to Senate warns on the costs of nuclear power – financial, safety, security and more

Environment and Other Legislation Amendment (Removing Nuclear Energy Prohibitions) Bill 2022 Submission No 126


Interestingly, attitudes to nuclear energy align with attitudes to climate change. Climate change deniers tend to approve of nuclear energy, and oppose renewable energy.

Scientists who accept the reality of climate change and the risks associated with nuclear energy oppose it as a ‘solution’ to the climate.

These are the reasons for retaining our ban on nuclear energy and our focus on clean, cheaper renewable energy:

 Nuclear is the most expensive energy option
 can take decades to build nuclear reactors and would require a decade or more to develop the legislative framework
 Nuclear is dangerous. Either through human error, disaster, or as a military target the catastrophic consequences of a nuclear disaster would create permanent pollution.
 Nuclear is unwanted. There is long standing popular opposition to nuclear power in Australia because of the issues above as well as the unsolved problem of nuclear waste and the link to nuclear weapons.
 Alternatives like renewables, storage and energy efficiency are faster, cheaper, more deployable and enjoy much more public support

The Prime Minister agrees: “Nuclear power has never overcome the dangers that we have seen played out around the world time after time.
The arguments against nuclear energy are laid out cogently by Professor Ian Lowe, most recently in Long Half-Life which puns on both the interminable time nuclear remains dangerous in our environment and the steadfast opposition by ideologues to the facts about nuclear energy and its dangers.


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