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Australia’s 9 news papers gave Navy chief a platform for a resounding attack the doubters on AUKUS nuclear submarine

‘Hand-wringers’ under attack as Navy chief and Nine round on AUKUS doubters

Australia’s chief of Navy believes AUKUS is one of the country’s greatest nation-building projects. And Nine papers were happy to give him a rooftop to shout from.

Crikey, DAVID HARDAKER, APR 17, 2023

The Nine mastheads have continued their full-throated backing of all things AUKUS, allotting prime weekend front-page space to Australia’s chief of Navy Mark Hammond, who — blow me down — laid out why the nation must get behind the Navy’s submarine project.

In a tour de force of military reasoning, the 37-year Australian Defence Force veteran also picked up some of the talking points advanced by the political class to defend the $368 billion decision sprung on the nation just a few weeks ago.

Hammond lamented that AUKUS was not being hailed as one of the great nation-building projects, such as the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric scheme.  ……………. (registered readers only)


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