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A big week in nuclear news

Some bits of good news.   Total Rejuvenation of ‘Dead’ River by a Rural Indian Community Hailed as National Example .   The world’s happiest countries, according to new research.

Climate. Disturbing Sea Level Studies, (Which Threaten All Nuclear Facilities Sited Close To Oceans, Rivers & Lakes).     Searing heatwave hitting Southern and South Eastern Asia.

Nuclear. Folie a tout le monde?   Not just USA, Russia, China –  it seems that everybody is getting into the nuclear weapons race. Former Pentagon official Henry D. Sokolski pronounces  “We don’t know what to do.” Indeed a profoundly true statement. Somebody better think of something, before the omnisuicide takes place – whether it be started by some deliberate military action, – or, more likely, by some unintended glitch, possibly even a trivial one.

Christina notes. Space X rocket – “A successful failure” – George Orwell would love it!         Penny Wong – a huge disappointment to me. At last political folk music is back ! “Killing the Messenger #Free Julian Assange”, by David Rovics

AUSTRALIAOpposition grows to nuclear submarines in Port Kembla. AUKUS submarines “nation building” says Admiral- No they’re not, says Rex Patrick.      ‘Stupidly dangerous’: AUKUS won’t cause a Chernobyl but experts are still worried.     New Zealand-Australia testiness over citizenship resolved, but nuclear sensitivities remain . 

  Greens support Barngarla people’s opposition to Kimba radioactive waste dump set to open after 2030

Submissions to Senate Inquiry:



EDUCATION. The nuclear lobby continues to buy universities- University of Wyoming well and truly bought. With visit of Algerian President France must face up to its nuclear fallout.

EMPLOYMENT. France’s struggle to deliver a second nuclear era.

  ENERGYEarth Day 2023: A Newly Post-Nuclear Germany vs. California’s Reactor Relapse. Germany’s Energy Revolution (‘Energiewende’) is working. Renewable Energy Is Charging Ahead. Russia’s political and economic winner – its nuclear exports to Western countries.

ENVIRONMENT. Alba MP Neale Hanvey calls for Ministry of Defence to tackle nuclear decontamination at Dalgety Bay. Water shortage at Sizewell: the environmental cost.

ETHICS and RELIGION. Will Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment managers follow the govt in backing nuclear?.

HEALTH. Radiation. Dogs of war — Chornobyl.    New Zealand’s nuclear test veterans seek recognition.   Inadequate Protection: Current Radiation PPE is Failing to Shield Female Healthcare Workers

LEGALEU faces legal action after including gas and nuclear in ‘green’ investments guide.

NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY. Terrestrial Energy’s molten-salt reactor gets over one hurdle – but many more to come -Will it be a lemon?             Russia to set up a small nuclear reactor in the Arctic Republic of Sakha.       Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant will switch back to Russian fuel, from Westinghouse fuel .

OPPOSITION to NUCLEAR. This is why Youth, MPs and ICAN are going to Hiroshima next week. Daniel Ellsberg is still fighting — Beyond Nuclear International.

POLITICS. Germany’s last nukes shut down — Beyond Nuclear. Jonathon Porritt:Germany’s nuclear nous vs UK nuclear nutters. ‘There’s a lot of posturing’: Europe’s nuclear divide grows as one plant opens and three close. Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. vows to ‘unwind US empire’. SEN. MARKEY AND REP. LIEU ANNOUNCE LEGISLATION TO LIMIT U.S. PRESIDENT’S POWER TO UNILATERALLY START NUCLEAR WAR. Whaa -at ? – Bill in North Carolina legislature would define nuclear as source of CLEAN energyUS nuclear taxes — the true costs. Excitement in Kent City Council about new nuclear power (now reclassified as “environmentally sustainable”).


SAFETY. New images from inside Fukushima reactor spark safety worry.       Maintenance impacted at Zaporizhzhia, says IAEA.           Hungary to Prolong Nuclear Plant’s Lifetime as Expansion Stalls.       Nuclear life extension plans tested by obsolete components.

SECRETS and LIESLeaks Reveal Reality Behind U.S. Propaganda in Ukraine.

SPACE. EXPLORATION, WEAPONS. SpaceX: Should we colonise the solar system?      Environmentalists say Starship failure boosts their concerns.      SpaceX launches most powerful rocket in history in explosive debut – like many first liftoffs.    Starship’s test was a successful failure.                  Warfighting domain: U.S., Polish militaries sign space agreement 

SPINBUSTERDisarming the persistent myths of a glowing nuclear renaissance. Six war mongering think tanks and the military contractors that fund them.Return to Russia: Crimeans Tell the Real Story of the 2014 Referendum and Their Lives Since — RADIATION FREE LAKELAND.     In Indiana, small nuclear reactors don’t need to be “small” any more.





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