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TODAY. Time for a laugh – in this sorry world

My thanks to Caitlin Johnstone for her jolly thought about how we good upright Westerners can destroy Russia. We’re being told by our betters, the Western experts – that the recent drone attack on the Kremlin could be   “ a false flag operation by Moscow  designed to justify more intense attacks in Ukraine or more conscription“.

So, as Caitlin observes, the logical conclusion is to send heaps of weaponry to Russia and let Russia destroy itself!

Another laugh could come from watching the gyrations of the Australian government, as it aims for setting up a high-level radioactive waste dump on Aboriginal land. (ABORIGINAL LAND is, of course, what they mean when they say ‘A “REMOTE SITE“).

The Australian government is currently fighting a legal battle against an Aboriginal group who are objecting to the government siting a radioactive waste dump on their traditional land.

At the same time, the Australian government is ever so piously saying that it wants to establish an “Aboriginal Voice to Parliament”.


May 6, 2023 - Posted by | Christina reviews

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